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Certainly, every stage of the cannabis supply chain has unique liabilities and risks.
However, Millers Insurance Group’s range of coverage and policies will address the needs of cannabusinesses at any level of the marijuana industry.


Proud to Protect Cannabusinesses!

Millers Insurance Group carries the coverage to protect you and your cannabis business.

Cannabis companies have unique needs for insurance coverage, such as general liability, property and casualty, workers’ compensation, bonds and surety. Regardless of your location, or whether you operate a dispensary, grow or manufacturing facility, or an ancillary company, you face risks and liabilities that require insurance protection. Therefore, our partners at Millers Insurance Group have designed a full suite of related insurance products specifically for cannabis businesses.
Cannabis business insurance Protection

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Our team is thoughtful and thorough. As a result we have the knowledge and infrastructure to offer expert guidance for your business.

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Because we know that it can be hard to find the answers you need. As a result we created a list of our most frequently asked questions to help address your concerns.



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