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Having robust insurance coverage can help a dispensary withstand the ever-changing climate of the cannabis industry and its regulations.

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If you are in the cannabis industry, you may be aware that product liability is a serious issue. But if you are not familiar with it, here is what you need to know.


Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Cannabis Retail Dispensaries

Federal and state laws create barriers for cannabis retail dispensaries in securing the insurance coverage required for asset protection. Many insurance companies do not offer coverage to businesses in high-risk industries. This often forces cannabis businesses to invest in generic insurance policies with traditional companies that lack the knowledge, tools, or experience to meet the unique needs of these organizations.

The absence of adequate insurance options threatens the livelihood of cannabis retail dispensaries. Cannabis retailers that invest in generic insurance policies are at an increased risk of disaster. Without the right insurance coverage, many of these organizations would not survive a financial catastrophe. 

At Millers Insurance Group, we protect cannabis retail dispensaries from potential threats by providing custom-tailored risk assessment plans and insurance coverage exclusively for the cannabis industry.


Cannabis Retail Clients

Cannabis retail dispensaries operate in a growing industry. Evolving laws, improved cannabis education, and decreased stigma have resulted in a broader cannabis consumer base than ever before.

This has created an opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs in many states to invest in this potentially lucrative industry. State laws govern which types of businesses are eligible for legal operation — including medical cannabis dispensaries and recreational retail shops.

Cannabis businesses have high start-up and operational costs, which means accurate insurance coverage is necessary to protect any acquired or produced assets. Millers Insurance Group provides coverage for cannabis retail dispensaries and shops across all sectors of the industry.

At Millers Insurance Group, we provide coverage for both online and brick and mortar cannabis retail dispensaries.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP) Coverage


Risk Management for Retail Dispensaries

Disasters can strike at any time. Cannabis is a high-risk industry with the potential for extensive monetary loss in the event of an unexpected tragedy. Most retail stores would not survive without the right cannabis insurance protection in these circumstances. There are several unplanned events that present potentially extensive monetary damage.

Do not let a surprise disaster destroy your business. Protect your investment with insurance coverage designed exclusively for cannabis businesses. 

Millers Insurance Group creates custom-tailored risk management plans for each client, identifying potential threats, and providing you with the amount of coverage that your business needs.

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