Cannabis Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Wage replacement and medical benefits for employees injured during employment.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage
Worker’s Compensation Coverage


Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Workers compensation coverage is a welcome policy for businesses seeking assistance in navigating an employee’s right to sue for negligence. This type of insurance protects employers from having to pay out-of-pocket for injuries that occur on their property or due to their negligence. It also provides wage replacement for injured workers who cannot work while they recover from their injuries.

In addition, workers compensation policies can provide coverage if your business is sued by an injured employee who claims they were not properly trained on how to perform their job correctly or safely. If the worker wins a lawsuit against your company, this type of insurance will pay your legal costs and any damages awarded by the court (up to certain limits). For example, if you are sued by an employee who claims that he was injured after slipping and falling on a wet floor, but it was actually his own fault because he failed to wear proper footwear (like steel-toe boots), then this type of policy may provide some relief from paying large legal fees and damages.

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