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Crop Insurance

Specialty policies cover loss from natural disasters or loss of revenue from a decline in crop prices.

The Risk of Losing Your Crop


Crop Insurance

Crop insurance is a form of crop protection that protects against losses of crops due to natural disasters, or poor growing conditions. Crop insurance is typically subsidized by the federal government, but not in the case of cannabis/hemp. Millers Insurance Group can help cultivators, growers, and other businesses involved with cannabis crops protect their harvests.

A common misconception is that crop insurance is available only for traditional agricultural crops such as corn, soybeans and wheat. However, there are several types of crop insurance available for specialty crops including tree nuts, avocados, berries, citrus fruits and melons. 

Crop insurance can be purchased on a stand-alone basis or through an existing crop-share agreement between you and your landlord. If you are growing on rented land, then it is important for you to check with your landlord about their policies regarding coverage for your crop.

Crop insurance policies are designed to cover losses that occur for reasons beyond your control. If a storm destroys your crop before harvesting season or if drought causes your plants to die before they’re ready for harvest, crop insurance can help cover the costs of re-planting or replacing the damaged plants with new ones. The coverage typically lasts for up to one year after planting begins — longer if you’re growing perennials like trees or vines (though these typically require more specialized policies).

Farmers insurance for marijuana growers

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Certainly, every stage of the cannabis supply chain has unique liabilities and risks.
However, Millers Insurance Group’s range of coverage and policies will address the needs of cannabusinesses at any level of the marijuana industry.

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