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“All Risk” Property Coverage

Property insurance covering losses arising from any fortuitous cause — except those that are specifically excluded.

All Risk Property Coverage
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All Risk Property Coverage

All Risk Property Coverage is a policy that offers broad coverage to property that may be damaged or destroyed. This type of coverage typically does not distinguish between specific perils and non-specified perils. While this lack of specificity can make the application of the coverage difficult, it also means that it can be used to protect your business from many different risks without needing to specify them in advance.

This type of property coverage is ideal for cannabis businesses because it provides broad protection from any potential losses without having to list out every potential scenario. If you want to keep your business safe from unforeseen circumstances, but do not want to worry about specifying each and every threat, an All Risk policy might be right for you.

Unlike named perils policies, which only cover specific losses arising from certain events (such as fire), an All Risk policy covers almost any loss that happens to your property as long as it doesn’t fall under one of the exclusions listed in the policy. Because there are so many different events that could cause damage or loss to your business’s assets, it is important that you choose a policy with enough flexibility

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