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When disaster strikes, cultivators and growers need the right insurance coverage to protect themselves.

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Cannabis Growers Cultivators Insurance


Business Insurance Coverage for Cannabis Cultivation and Growing

Cannabis cultivation is the process of growing, managing, and harvesting all parts of the cannabis plant. There are a wide range of natural and environmental risk factors that pose a threat to the success of cannabis cultivation and growing businesses such as growers, extractors, and full process harvesting operations. These events could result in potentially disastrous consequences for businesses that neglect to invest in cannabis cultivation insurance coverage.

Federal laws prevent most general insurance agencies from protecting cannabis cultivators and growers from losses caused by theft, natural disasters, or declines in crop value. Only cannabis specific insurance policies provide the coverage that cultivators and growers need to protect these costly investments. 

Millers Insurance Group specializes in providing cannabis insurance policies that are custom-tailored to meet the needs of cultivation and growing businesses.

Cannabis Cultivation and Growing Operations

Cultivators and growers are the cornerstone of the cannabis industry and a key reason for its immense growth and success. At Millers Insurance Group, we appreciate every component of the demanding work that growers and cultivation experts perform. Our clients run operations of varying sizes that perform select, several, or all processes involved in cannabis cultivation.

The process of cannabis cultivation requires growers and cultivators to invest in special equipment, machinery, and products. This subindustry also requires entrepreneurs to gain knowledge of techniques, genetics, extraction, and purification methods. This not only ensures the highest quality yields possible, but also helps cultivators and growers remain within compliance regulations and standards.

Agricultural operations in cannabis are costly and have the potential to suffer from grave losses if risks are not assessed and insured.

Cannabis Growers Insurance
Risk Management Cannabis

Risk Management

The amount and type of insurance coverage that cultivators and growers need will depend on the size of an operation. This process requires investing in multiple resources to be successful, such as manual labor, products, equipment, and technology. This is in addition to the cost of licensing and operations. 

It is important to analyze the risks of potential disasters that could threaten cannabis cultivation and growing operations. Natural disasters, environmental hazards, and even human threats can potentially sabotage or destroy cultivation efforts. Many cannabis operations would not survive without appropriate coverage in the event of these disasters. 

At Millers Insurance Group, we creates custom-tailored risk management plans to assess and determine the unique needs of each organization. We work closely with cultivators to develop custom plans to protect against these and other potential disasters. It is critical for all cannabis organizations to invest in the right insurance to protect their assets. 

Suggested Coverages

Read more about the policies below or contact us for a free consultation and quote!

General liability insurance provides protection for your business in the event of a lawsuit.

General Liability Coverage

Business Owner's Policy (BOP) Coverage

Business Owners Policy

The Risk of Losing Your Crop

Crop Insurance

Product liability occurs when a person or company is held liable for damages caused by defective products. It can also be applied to cases where the product does not work as intended or does not have adequate warnings or instructions for use.

Product Liability Coverage

Cyber liability insurance is a type of coverage designed to protect companies from financial losses resulting from data breaches or cyber events.

Cyber Liability Coverage

What does errors & omissions insurance cover?

Errors & Omissions Coverage

All Risk Property Coverage

All Risk Property Coverage

If you operate a cannabis business, you probably already have coverage for the physical aspects of your operations. But what about the income loss that can be incurred when you are forced to shut down or lock down due to an unforeseen event?

Business Interruption Coverage

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

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