Millers Insurance Group addresses the unique liabilities and risks of businesses at any level of the cannabis supply chain.

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Certainly, every stage of the cannabis supply chain has unique liabilities and risks.
However, Millers Insurance Group’s range of coverage and policies will address the needs of cannabusinesses at any level of the marijuana industry.

Retail Dispensaries

Having robust insurance coverage can help a dispensary withstand the ever-changing climate of the cannabis industry and its regulations. Similar to any retail business, a dispensary has traditional, that can be insured, but it also has a layer of complexity due to the highly regulated nature of the business as well as conflicting federal and state laws...
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Delivery Services

Online ordering for delivery is fast becoming a must-have for retail dispensaries. If you offer cannabis and hemp delivery services, you need insurance coverage that is unique to your business needs. A delivery service has all of the same risk that is inherent in a retail store in addition to the risk of product being transported and given directly to...
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Cultivators & Growers

Cultivators recognize the need to protect against a wide range of disasters including fire, plant failures, theft, and equipment breakdowns. At Millers Insurance, we work closely with cultivators to identify and protect against these and other risks...
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Product Manufacturers

The manufacturing of cannabis and hemp products, such as concentrates and edibles, can be a profitable yet risky business. Millers Insurance works hand in hand with manufacturers to understand each client’s unique risk profile and the insurance products that best address their business risks...
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Testing Labs

State laws authorizing medical and adult/recreational uses of cannabis impose strict requirements, such as testing products for potency and purity. Millers Insurance Group offers coverage tailor-made for testing labs...
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Ancillary Businesses

All manners of businesses support the legal cannabis industry, including equipment suppliers, landlords, medical marijuana doctors, and smoking device manufacturers. Millers Insurance Group offers a full line of insurance solutions for these businesses...
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