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How to Reduce Your Cannabis Business’s Risk Level

As with any business venture, running a cannabis business comes with risks. The nascent legal landscape regarding cannabis makes it challenging for new businesses to get started. There are many licensing requirements, and other regulatory factors can create high standards for those who want to begin growing cannabis or openingRead More »

What Small Cannabis Growers Need to Know About Insurance

Smaller cannabis growers are uniquely positioned to succeed by focusing their energy on quality over quantity. However, if you’re a small grower, your operation also comes with unique risks and challenges. If your crop is damaged or stolen, the financial hit can be harsh and potentially put you out ofRead More »

Cannabis Industry Insurance Myths

There’s no denying the cannabis industry is growing like a weed. As new states continue to legalize medical and recreational cannabis, the demand for weed-related products has skyrocketed. This explosive growth has led to a surge in cannabis businesses of all shapes and sizes. From dispensaries to grow operations, theRead More »

Business Interruption Insurance Claims Rise as COVID-19 Continues to Drive Losses

As of May 2020, 101 lawsuits seeking coverage from COVID-19 damages have been filed in federal court with that number expected to climb into the thousands, according to Claims Journal.  The 101 cases, which exclude suits filed in state courts, rally around determining whether COVID-19 should trigger business interruption coverageRead More »

D.C. Judge Rules For Insurer, Dismisses Restaurants Business Interruption Claims

The insurance industry has notched another victory in its defense of its commercial insurance policies against claims for business interruption due to the coronavirus. In a case brought by the owner of several restaurants against its insurer over business interruption due to the coronavirus shutdown ordered by the mayor, aRead More »
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