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Ways to Manage Complex Risk With Excess Liability Coverage

When it comes to business risk, excess liability coverage is a unique beast. It’s an important piece of your business insurance puzzle and can protect your personal assets from costly legal judgments. But because this type of risk is so complex, you need to have a firm understanding of whatRead More »

Cannabis Industry Sees Increase in Product Liability Costs

The cannabis industry is still in its infancy. As such, businesses are struggling to find the right balance between creating innovative products while also ensuring they’re safe for consumers. For example, many manufacturers are still working out how to standardize and label their products in a way that is both informativeRead More »

What are Workers’ Compensation Willful Misconduct Claims?

When an employee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance provides financial benefits and assistance with getting back to work. In some cases, however, a worker may intentionally disregard safety protocols or even the direct instructions of their supervisor, resulting in an accident that injures them. These instances areRead More »

What Insurance Coverage is Available for Cannabis Dispensaries?

In the early days of legal cannabis, many insurance companies were reluctant to provide coverage for businesses selling or distributing cannabis. Even today, some insurers remain hesitant to offer policies to cannabis dispensaries and other businesses related to the industry. However, as more states legalize cannabis for medical or recreationalRead More »

What is Outdoor Crop Coverage?

Outdoor crop coverage insurance protects cannabis businesses from losses due to natural disasters. It’s a type of property insurance that covers the cost of replacing damaged crops, as well as expenses related to alternate revenue sources while the farm is unable to produce. The scope of coverage varies by policyRead More »

What is the Average Payout for Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation payouts can vary depending on the nature of the injury and the jurisdiction in which you reside. However, as a general rule, most workers receive between 50 and 70 percent of their pre-injury earnings. The exact amount will depend on several factors including age, length of employment, medicalRead More »
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