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Facing Cybersecurity Risk? Here are 6 Ways to Minimize

Cybersecurity in the Cannabis Industry: A Professional Guide to Risk Mitigation Mastering Seven Effective Strategies to Enhance Cybersecurity in Your Cannabis Business The cannabis industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. This rapid expansion, however, brings with it increased responsibility and heightened attention, particularly from those with malicious intent — cybercriminals. TheRead More »
May 10, 2023 Posted inBlog


Potency is a serious liability for the cannabis industry, especially if your product labeling is incorrect and the dosage turns out to be under – or over – inflated.  Many of us remember the case of Miami Heat’s Dion Waiters. He suffered a panic attack (and reported seizure), which gotRead More »

What Do Different Types of CA Cannabis Surety Bonds Cost?

As one of the states leading the path to federally legalized cannabis in the US, California’s cannabis regulations set the tone for industry standards in newly legal states. Because so much state money is invested in legal cannabis enterprises and their state regulation, it’s important that governing bodies have aRead More »


WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS The cannabis industry is fraught with liability for business owners: changing regulations, counterfeiting, compliance, and cyber security to name a few. One leading source warns: “a growing number of legal experts anticipate that the cannabis industry may soon face a surge ofRead More »

Everything You Need To Know About California Cannabis Surety Bonds (But Were Afraid To Ask)

California is a cannabis pioneer, one of the first states to legalize and regulate legal cannabis in the US. Consequently, California is also one of the states setting the precedent for the cannabis industry, establishing regulations that affect how, where, when, and by whom cannabis can be sold. The firstRead More »

Opening A Missouri Dispensary? Here’s What You Need To Know About Insurance

Missouri residents have had legal access to medical cannabis since 2018, and in December 2022, the state became the 21st state to legalize recreational cannabis as well. The expansion of legalized cannabis presents Missouri dispensary owners with the potential for big gains and rapid growth. For new cannabis entrepreneurs orRead More »
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